Studio Vetiver has always employed strict hygiene practices and frequent sanitation between clients, but we are taking extra care during these times to ensure the ongoing safety of our guests and workers. Please thoroughly read the following policy updates before your appointment to ensure that you arrive fully prepared.

  • We are not currently allowing guests to sit in our waiting room at the studio in order to limit the number of people in the space at any given time. Please call or text your artist when you arrive, wait in your car, and your artist will call you when they are ready for you. 

  • Absolutely no food or beverages allowed in the studio with you, unfortunately not even a water bottle during this time, as this would require you to take off your mask. 

  • You MUST be wearing your own face mask inside the studio at all times in order to receive your service. It is required by law in Denver County. If you forget your mask at home, we will have a very limited number of masks available for purchase for $20, as supplies are limited and hard to come by during these times. No mask, no service!

  • Your artist will greet you outside the studio to take your temperature and ask you a series of health screen questions before you are allowed to enter. Anyone with a temperature reading of 99.7 or higher will be rescheduled. 

  • You will be asked to wash your hands as soon as you arrive.

  • Please, please, PLEASE do not come to your appointment if you or anyone in your household have been experiencing ANY symptoms of illness.

  • Please reschedule your appointment if you have not been following social distancing guidelines. We take this seriously, and we ask that our clients do so as well. Your lashes and brows are not more important than our health and safety. 

  • Please come to your appointment showered and wearing clean clothes.

  • Please limit the number of personal items you bring into the studio with you. For example, leave large purses/bags and bulky jackets in the car. If you tend to get chilly while laying down during your appointment, we recommend dressing in layers or bringing a warm sweater with you as we will not be offering blankets to our clients during this time. 

  • Come to your appointment well-hydrated as we will not be offering beverages during this time, as this would entail having to remove your mask in order to drink. 

  • As always, absolutely no guests, children, or pets will be allowed to accompany you to your appointment.