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Instagram: @thebladebabe

Lyndsey is the lead brow artist and owner


She is a licensed esthetician and certified permanent makeup artist who began her journey in the field in 2016. She completed her 132- hour Permanent Makeup 

Certification training with Beauty Mark by Erla Trujillo and has gone on to complete multiple advanced trainings in brow and lip tattooing from top trainers around the world, which include certificates from Daria Chuprys Academy in Beverly Hills, Shay Danielle Academy in Calgary, BC,  Tess Marti Academy in Vancouver, BC, and Mara Academy out of Charlotte, NC.


Her continued education and years of experience have given her a detailed understanding of facial structure and how to achieve more balance and symmetry to every individual's face with subtle adjustments. She is passionate about cosmetic tattooing and loves being able to help others achieve improved confidence in their daily lives. She has a naturalistic approach to all things permanent makeup and prides herself on staying up to date with the most advanced techniques and products in the industry in order to yield the best possible results for her clients.


       Brow Services (initial service):

  • Microblading: $725 

  • Combination Brow: $750 

  • Powder Brow: $725

  • Brow Corrections/Coverups: $800 (case by case, must email photos to before booking)

    *Brow Touchups:

  • Initial Touchup (8-16 weeks): $150

  • Shading Add-on: +$25

  • Touchup after 16 weeks: $300

  • Annual Refresh (9-20 months):$400

  • Annual Refresh + Shading: $425

  • Extended Refresh (20-36 months):$475

  • Extended Refresh + Shading: $500
    (After 36 months, a new full-priced session is required.)

    Other Services:

  • Lip Blush Tattoo: $725 (Initial Service)
    Initial Lip Touchup (8-16 weeks) : $150

  • Touchup after 16 weeks: $300

  • Annual Lip Refresh (9-20 months): $400

  • Extended Lip Refresh (20-36 months): $475

  • Freckles: $300

  • Beauty Mark: $150 (1-4 beauty marks or freckles)
    Optional Touchup (8-16 weeks): $150

  • Brow Lamination: $100 (Includes Tint)

  • Brow Tattoo Removal: $200/session
    (By Consultation only, email to inquire.)

*Touchups are NOT included and prices are subject to change at any time. 

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