Taylor is a licensed esthetician and certified permanent makeup artist that specializes in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing which includes microblading and powder brows, while also providing services in brow lamination and faux-freckle tattooing. 


She received her 132-hour Permanent Makeup Certification with Beauty Mark Skincare & Permanent Makeup by Erla Trujillo. Using continuing education to keep updated on the most current practices and products, she has completed several advanced permanent makeup courses including: specialized microblading with Shaughnessy Otsuji of Studio Sashiko, powder brow methods from Shay Danielle Academy, and many other detailed training techniques to contribute to Taylor’s artistic skill set.


Her eye for detail to enhance her clients' own brows allows for a natural yet defined look. She is passionate about taking the time to listen to her clients’ goals to deliver a customized outcome every time. 

  • Custom Brow Tattoo: $500-$525 (Initial Service of either Microblading, Powder Brows, or Combination Brows [+$25])

  • Brow Touchup: $150 (8-16 weeks)​

  • Early Brow Refresh: $300 (4-10 months)

  • Annual Brow Refresh: $350 (10-20 months)

  • Extended Brow Refresh: $400 (20-30 months)

  • Freckle Enhancement: $200
    (1st Freckle Touchup: $100)


  • Brow Lamination & Tint - $100

*Touchups are not included and prices are subject to change at any time.